Por una de esas felices coincidencias del interné(t), el chancho en amapola se fue de viaje. He aquí el relato, en palabras de su amable anfitrión , @ChazFrench, del otro lado de la frontera:

Later in the morning I was tweeting over at twitter.com and saw the obnoxious but funny bot script @Br3ndaBot insulting someone I hadn’t seen before so I checked out @teobromina and came across her blog where she had posted Chancho en amapola I don’t read Spanish but the awesome @LyleDAL thought to run it through Google’s translator and it turned out to be sausage wrapped in puff pastry and coated with poppy seeds, and now I had the perfect accompaniment for my soup. I ended up using chicken sausage for mine and it was amazing.

And there you have how Web 2.0 and social media created a delicious and healthy meal that is still lingering on my palette hours later.

Ahora bien, como todos sabemos, la mejor manera de cruzar la frontera es contratar los servicios de un pollero. Yo creo que hubo un intercambio de personalidades ahí, porque el chancho en amapola terminó convirtiéndose en pollo. Clic aquí para ver el post completo, que contiene una sopa de verduras im-pre-sio-nan-te, y clic acá para ver las fotos correspondientes.


  1. TheChaz said...
    Many thanks for the linkback, and sharing the further adventures of Chancho en amapola.
    Angie said...
    ps es que sí se veía rico...

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